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It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ahem [Nov. 30th, 2007|12:51 pm]

That is all.

Alright, maybe this too.

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Ouch [Jun. 1st, 2007|09:03 am]
Okay yeah I know I don't update ever. It's not like anyone reads this, but I felt like I should at least tell you all what happened to me yesterday. So I'm working for the moving company again, although temporarily seeing as I'm just waiting for Nintendo to call me so I can start my real job for the summer. Game testing if you want to know. A far cry from busting my ass on a daily basis, which was no exception yesterday. So first day back with moving, I get stuck on an office move. Usually not too terrible, but everything in the office was beyond heavy. Not Ikea furniture here, only large piece of wood and steel. There were several desks that had several large steel legs that had to weigh well over 100 lbs each. So taking it out of the old office wasn't too bad seeing as it was on the ground floor. This gives us the ability to put everything on wheels and roll it into the trucks. However the destination was a second floor office space with no elevator and two long flights of stairs each with their own fun places to navigate large pieces of furniture. Needless to say, at the end of it all, I was pretty much dead. I'm still extremely sore today. So as we are leaving, one of the women decides to give us all tips. The four of us who were there all day, we got three more to help us at the delivery, each received an exorbitant amount of money. I'm thinking it has to be some sort of record. The lady gave us each a check for $1000. Who the fuck does that? I've gotten a few tips before, but they've always been between $20-40. I guess their business, a consulting firm for enviromental issues, is doing well enough to write out over $5000, the other three guys got $400 each. So I came home that evening and it turns out that the bosses of this firm know my mom quite well, I guess they didn't make the connection when they heard my last name. Also it seems that with the tip I made almost as much money as my dad had that day while he was at work. So all in all, not a bad pay day. About $100 for a 10 hour work day and a $1000 tip. It must be because I'm so damn sexy.
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Valentine's To Do List [Feb. 13th, 2007|11:40 pm]
This is the to do list that Julie just told me I have for tomorrow:

"1. Shave.
2. Fuck me."

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Andrew and I make beautiful things together [Dec. 28th, 2006|09:11 pm]
Want to see what happens when my brother and I get together? Check this shit out:

Click One
Click Two
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Been a while [Dec. 16th, 2006|02:28 am]
So first semester is done once again. Sort of. You see I still have another latin final to take, but the prof has been gracious enough to let us grad students delay that bit of fun until next semester. So yay for me. In other news, I took the undergrad final for that class today, which was actually ridiculously easy due to the prof's error. The exam should have been longer than it was in that we were supposed to have a page that was some how misplaced from our first exam, which she forgot to put in this exam. So in the end, I only had to translate one small piece of latin and answer some subsequent questions about Pro Archia in english. Overall pretty easy, so hurray for me. Well that's enough for now, so I leave you with something quite amazing provided by fark.

Mmmmm.....ranch dressing
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LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Yeah, suck on that homo!
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2006|02:14 pm]
How is it that in Boston, on November 30th, it is sunny and 65?
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Quote of the Day [Nov. 5th, 2006|12:27 pm]
From Julie this morning:
"I'm a cock socket, not a cum dumpster!"
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Update? Where! [Oct. 13th, 2006|08:05 am]
So I suppose I have delayed doing this long enough that I should at least make an attempt to write something before I get too bored of this. What's new? Not much. Still doing my school work and such which just involves lots of translating and reading. Nothing too exciting there. Also started the task of writing that thesis, although at this point it isn't so much writing as just more reading and trying to really define how I'm going to approach my subject. The quick and dirty is that I'm working with masks in an attempt to better explain several mysterious painted masked figures known as the Phersu found in multiple chamber tombs at Tarquinia. Shouldn't be too bad seeing as it's something that I'm actually interested in learning about. Hmm what else. Got back last night from a free advanced screening of the Borat movie. I suggest you all go see it as at one point I was laughing so hard that I not only couldn't breathe but it also hurt and I was pretty sure I was going to vomit. You'll know the scene when you get to it. I'll only say it involves a fight between Borat and his producer. All quite hilarious and worthy of 90 minutes of your life. Oh, one last piece of news. It seems my bosses are pushing me to dress up as Sparky the fire prevention dalmatian next thursday in one of the dining halls next thursday. I've been pushing for some sort of monetary bonus for the service seeing as I'm not too keen on donning a full fire fighter suit complete with dog head and helmet. Well there you go. Happy?
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People are nasty [Aug. 30th, 2006|10:13 pm]
A few days ago I was delivering roughly 11,000 lbs of household goods to a husband and wife who had just recently been transferred by the army to Fort Lewis. These deliveries are fairly simple in that you just put shit where people want it and unwrap anything that has been wrapped with brown paper, cardboard or bubble wrap. So now to the important bits. As I was unwrapping what I could feel to be a laundry basket, I came across some interesting finds. Right there on top was a cock pump. Something I don't normally see, but readily identifiable. What made it even more special was the 8 inch, rather thick, bumped vibrator sitting right next to. Needless to say, I didn't really feel like asking where I was supposed to put the basket and cock pump, so I just left it in the middle of the living room. From then on, we started to find other fun things to go along with these first treasures. The occasional plastic tote filled with a variety of porno mags as well as several bondage mags intermingled with some paraphenalia. Good times. So here's a tip for everyone out there. If you don't want a mover to see your dirty shit, don't leave it in your house when we are packing. We will find it and we will pack it and we will know about the fucked up shit you are into.

The End.
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